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PT Supremacy is the #1 Personal Trainer Course Provider in the UK and Europe.

PT Supremacy’s World Class Training Campus on Spain’s Costa Blanca is the Ideal Learning Environment To Learn How To Become A Ugglebarnby Personal Trainer!


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We will do everything possible to help you

PT Supremacy’s focus is to help you launch your personal training career. Whether it’s creating your own business, working for a top Ugglebarnby fitness provider, or working on an international cruise liner, we’ll do everything possible to help you achieve your goals.

PT Supremacy (PT Supremacy) is committed to educate personal trainers to a level above the industry standard.

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Our world class facilities in Spain

Our Ugglebarnby personal training courses were created by leading fitness professionals in the UK and Australia offering a Ugglebarnby personal training certification that is highly sought after in the fitness industry.

We offer the most cutting edge fitness courses in Ugglebarnby, with unrivalled support and coaching and the most up to date scientific online resources. Our training campus in Spain offers you year round warm weather where you can hone your outdoor PT skills on some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean, and for the same price as you would pay for a personal trainer course in Ugglebarnby.

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3 Great Reasons for Choosing a Fitness Career

1. Change Lives

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Live your passion

There aren’t too many jobs or careers where you can take an active role in changing someones life, both mentally and physically, but that’s exactly what a Ugglebarnby personal training career offers you. An opportunity to help someone feel better, look better and lead a longer, healthier, happier life.

2. Live Your Passion

If you have that awful feeling in your stomach every Sunday evening and your dreading going to work, then clearly you’ve chosen the wrong career. Being a Ugglebarnby personal trainer gives you the opportunity to give back, with a a career that is rewarding whilst doing a job that you’re passionate about.

3. Be Your Own Boss

Running your own business gives you the freedom to set your own hours, and gives you the power to decide how you spend your days. Being a Ugglebarnby personal trainer offers an array of exciting career options for those wanting to be their own boss, from becoming a mobile personal trainer in Ugglebarnby, to starting your own PT Studio or buying an established franchise.

Live Your Passion and do Something You Love…
…Become a Ugglebarnby Personal Trainer TODAY!

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